Evening Menu 


Evening Menu on the way! 
Please Note: Not Available at the moment. 
Vegetarian Evening Menu 
Roasted Beetroot Soup with Crème Fraiche. 
Twice Baked Blue Cheese Souffle. 
Garlic Mushrooms in a Rich Red Wine Sauce. 
Roasted Vegetable Ragu with a Lemon and Thyme Couscous. 
Sweet Potato Tian with Buttered New Potatoes and Dressed Salad. 
Vegetable Crumble with Homemade Chips. 
Salted Caramel and White Chocolate Cheesecake. 
Dark Chocolate Fondant and Vanilla Ice Cream. 
Sticky Toffee Pudding with Toffee Sauce and Ice Cream. 
A Little Something for After Desserts: 
Drinks are subject to change and price change. 
Black Coffee: £2.50 
White Coffee- Milk: £2.50 
White Coffee- Cream: £2.50 
Decafe Coffee: £2.50 
Cappuccino: £3.00 
Latte: £3.00 
Single Espresso: £2.50 
Double Espresso: £3.00 
Pot of Yorkshire Tea: £2.50 
Pot of Earl Gray Tea: £3.00 
Pot of Peppermint Tea: £3.00 
Liqueur Coffee’s: 
Our liqueur coffees are made with fresh grounded espresso beans and hand whisked cream with a shot of your favorite tipple! Perfect way to end a delicious meal. 
Please pick from: 
Tia Maria. 
Jack Daniels. 
£6.50 Each 
Whisky and Malts: 
Bells 35ml (40%): £5 
Jack Daniels 35ml (40%): £5 
Jack Daniels and Honey 35ml (35%): £5.25 
Glenfiddich 35ml (40%): £5.50 
Monkey Shoulder 35ml (40%): £5.50 
Buffalo Trace 35ml (40%): £5.50 
Port and Sherry: 
Taylors 10/12yr Port 50ml (20%): £4.25 
Sherry Crofts 50ml (17.5%): £3.75 
Cognac and Brandy: 
Courvoisier 35ml (40%): £6 
Hennessy 35ml (40%): £6 
Smirnoff 35ml (40%) £4 
Absolut Raspberry 35ml (40%) £4 
New Amsterdam Vodka 35ml (37.5%) £4 
Tonics/ Soda/ Orange/ Coke/ Ginger Beer: £1.50 Each. 
Please Note with Covid 19 some drinks may not be available. 
Allergen List: 
D= Dairy: Milk, Cream, Butter, Cheese 
C= Celery 
G= Gluten/ cereals containing Gluten 
CRU= Crustaceans ie Crabs Lobsters etc. 
M= Molluscs ie Mussels, Squid 
E= Eggs 
F= Fish 
O= Onion 
LU= Lupin 
MST= Mustard 
N= Nuts 
PN= Peanuts 
SS= Sesame Seeds 
SY= Soya 
GAR= Garlic 
SD= Sulphur Dioxide/ Sulphites 
Please Note that we do have all the above in our kitchen so please inform a member of staff if you do have an allergy so we can make sure every safety measure can be taken to avoid cross contamination. 
Please Note We Do Ask For Children under 12 to Vacate the Bistro By 7pm. 
Excellent food from a varied menu. Service was attentive without being invasive. VERY quiet music in background so we could hear each other talk!!!! 
Lovely bistro, great friendly service, professional but relaxed. Can't go wrong! Great service, food & price! Would return if ever in area. 
If you never eat anything else in your life, eat their double cooked cheese soufflé. It was astonishingly good. We were looking for a restaurant after a long day walking on the moors and found a real gem. From the warm friendly welcome to the superb food and service, the Willowgate is top notch. 
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